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What To Expect At Costa Azul Adventure Resort

Where Is Costa Azul Located?

Costa Azul is located in the town of San Francisco, also known as San Pancho to the locals, on the Nayarit Pacific Coast, 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta International Airport. San Pancho is a small fishing village in what many claim Puerto Vallarta was like before all the tourism.

Arial View of San Pancho Mexico
Getting To Costa Azul:

Local Puerto Vallarta taxi services outside the airport can be arranged when you arrive in Puerto Vallarta. The best deals can be found by walking over the overpass and negotiating a fee outside the airport. Prices can range from $50-$75US. If you are looking for the cheapest way to get here, busses run from the Airport to Sayulita for $2. Once in Sayulita, a taxi can be arranged to bring you to the resort for $10-15US. It is important to always negotiate your price before getting into the taxi.



What Is The Weather Like Year-Round At Costa Azul?

Costa Azul is a tropical jungle coastal climate. During the winter months, you can expect air temperatures to be in the low 70’s F to low 90’s F and water temperatures to be in the high 60’s F to mid 70’s F. During the summer months, you can expect a humid climate with afternoon showers and air temperatures in the low 90’s F to 100 degrees F. The landscape in and around Costa Azul during these warmer months is breathtaking. The summer rains bring the lush vegetation to life. Truly a paradise but yet so close to home.

Is There A Hurricane Season at Costa Azul?

There is a hurricane season in the late summer and early fall months but Costa Azul has never been affected by a hurricane except for some tropical storm activity that makes for great surf!

What Is The Surf Like During The Summer/Fall And Winter/Spring Months?

Summer/Fall months: Long period swells come in from a broad south west to south direction form 220-180 degrees and lasts 3-4 days in duration, with 1-2 days of peak intensity. During this season, you can expect somewhat more consistent surf that in the winter months with not quite as much fluctuation and unpredictability in swell height.
Winter/Spring months: Swell conditions are prime. Best surf found around Punta de Mita, Playa a la Lancha, and El Faro, where west and north west swells wrap in and create lined up perfection.
See our Surf Report for the latest info.

Is There Surf Or Swimming In Front Of The Resort?

There is limited surf and swimming in front of the resort but it depends on the time of year and the swell conditions. A short walk south of the resort you will find more swimmable areas and the surf break in San Pancho. Many surfers and swimmers have reported fun surf and swimming conditions, however the time of year and skill level of the surfer or swimmer is important to consider.

What Is The Staff Like At Costa Azul?

The staff at Costa Azul are locals that are professionally trained in the hospitality industry. Most employees are locals that are very familiar with the area and will offer a glimpse of San Pancho life. At Costa Azul, friendships forge between the staff and our guests making Costa Azul a special place.

How Is Costa Azul Involved In The Community?

Since 1991, Costa Azul has provided jobs for the locals, promoting from within, and granted many career opportunities that the locals otherwise might not have. Costa Azul also funded the building of a well for the town�s water supply as well as an ambulance. Costa Azul is involved in other community projects such as providing phone lines and supporting the local hospital.

How Is Costa Azul Rated In Stars?

Costa Azul is a 3 star resort with rustic, clean, and basic accommodations. There are not televisions or phones in the rooms; however both are available in the reception and restaurant area. There is also wireless internet available in the reception, restaurant, and bar areas. Daily maid service and a full attentive staff will ensure that all your needs are met.

How Do The Tours At Costa Azul Operate?

The tour program is a great way to see the surrounding areas. We have trips ranging from 1 hour to 8 hours. 2-4 trips are offered each day and guest may sign up in advance at the tour desk located under the palapa in the restaurant and bar area. Trips are offered on a first come first serve basis and we always recommend that guests make a trip to the tour desk upon arrival and check out the tour schedule. It is up to the traveler on what adventures they would like to do. On our tours that may take more than one hour, our knowledgeable guides keep the guests well informed about the area and answer any questions that the guests may have. For example, a snorkeling trip to the islands may take over an hour to reach but on the way you can view migrating whales, dolphins and a variety of birds native to the area.

What Kind Of Person Does Costa Azul Attract?

Costa Azul is ideal for families, surfers, adventure enthusiasts, couples, children and teens as well as the elderly. We have something that anyone and everyone will enjoy ranging from relaxing by the pool or taking the boat out to Chacala for some serious surfing. We attract a "traveler" rather then a "vacationer" at Costa Azul. The traveler seeks to experience something different then a mainstream large scale hotel in a tourist destination such as Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. While you are at Costa Azul, you will know you are in the jungle in Mexico and the experiences you will have will be exciting and unique. When you leave Costa Azul you will take with you a part of the culture and people.

Do I Need To Bring Any Documentation With Me To The Resort?

Please remember to bring your check in voucher with you to the resort. We want your vacation to begin the minute you arrive at the hotel so in order to avoid any account issues we ask that you also have all of the guests staying with you in your room to be registered with the US Sales office at 800-365-7613.

Where Is The Closest Place To Get Cash?

Costa Azul has an ATM onsite. There is also an ATM in town.

Drinking Water:

Costa Azul provides our guests with bottled and filtered water.

Telephones, Cell Phones & Internet:

Telephones are available at Guest Services for a nominal charge. Reception will be happy to call a taxi if you want to travel into San Francisco or Sayulita. GSM cell phones generally work around the beach front area. It is important to contact your cell phone provider and set up an international plan before coming down to Mexicoor otherwise it will probably not work. Free WiFi Internet is available inside Wahoo's Bar and Grill. Ask the bartender for the password to log on.


The reception area has a large safe to store your valuables when away on adventure tours or going into town for the night. It is advised to check your key in to reception when leaving into town for the day or evening.

Medical Emergencies:

San Pancho is lucky to have one the few hospitals in the area. For a modern first-class hospital you need to go to Puerto Vallarta (40-50 minutes) to the San Javier Hospital located two blocks past the Walmart/Sams stores.

Local Restaurants:

Wahoos Bar and Grill: Located at the resort with nightly entertainment and an assortment of great food.
Mar Plata: A short 2 minute walk from Costa Azul. Very good food, gormet dining, but somewhat expensive.
Cafe del Mar: About a 15 minute walk into town. Great atmophere, music and art.
El Malayo: About a ten minute walk down the beach from Costa Azul.
La taza de cafe :
La Casa del Gallo :
Los Arcos : Los Arcos is located on the main street of San Pancho just a few steps from the beach.

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