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Ixtapa & Zihautanejo Surf Vacation

Receive private surfing lessons with Corky Carroll, the first professional surfer and United States Surfing Champion from 1966-70. Corky is also a three time International Surfing Champion and has won over 100 surfing competitions. Corky and his lovely wife Raquel offer their home on the beautiful tropical beach of La Saladita, Mexico.  Located just 35 minutes north of Ixtapa and 45 minutes north of Zihautanejo along Mainland Mexico’s most fertile surf coastline, right at one of the premier left hand point breaks in the world.  The home is beachfront, with a swimming pool, television, internet (bring a laptop) and three guest rooms available.  Two with King sized beds and one with either a King or two twins.  Bookings are available from one to six people per stay.  You are provided with lodging, all your meals and drinks, personal surf coaching one on one from Corky and pick up and drop off at the airport in Zihautanejo. 

Let us know your eating and drinking preferences and we will customize your stay to insure you the perfect vacation.  The house staff will take incredible care of you. This is a very romantic setting and is a great destination for couples as well as surfers in search of a great surf adventure.  As options we can also arrange for massages, day trips to historical sites and other activities that are available in the area.  This is a chance of a lifetime to hang out and surf with one of the true legends of surfing as well as experience one of the most beautiful and tranquil spots on the planet. It is an amazing trip for surfers and non-surfers alike. 


I just came back from my fifth trip to Corky's.   Now I'm back at my desk job frequently distracted with memories of the week of great
surf I just scored and fantasizing about the next trip.  Five trips.  Different times of the year.  Never disappointed with the surf.  From
the moment of my excited arrival to the emotional departure I was in Corky and Raquel's friendly and secure hands.  The family style meals, the people, the stories, the jokes, the dogs and cats and goat, the 80 degree water and of course the fantastic surf.  It really doesn't get any better than this.
Phil and Jill Retson,  San Diego

I have always experienced wonderful times on my surf trips to Corky's.  From the time I am picked up from the airport to the time I am dropped off everything is taken care of by Corky and his staff.   Great surf, warm water, amazing food, Corkys custom drinks, comfortable private rooms, internet access, professional coaching and more is Corky's way of saying Mi Casa Su Casa. At any level of surfing everyone will have a surf trip of a lifetime. 
Creighton Bellman, Newport Beach, Ca.

Corky and Raquel are the perfect hosts to what, in my opinion, is the ultimate surf getaway.  Raquel is a fantastic cook and Corky is, well…. Corky.  There is none other.  He can improve your surfing with just a few words and make you laugh your butt off with many.  It’s like staying with friends without the pressure of having to deal with what “they want to do.”  This trip is all about what “you” want to do.  I have come by myself, with my family and with a couple of pals.  Each time the adventure was fantastic.  Their massage girl, Hilda, is incredible.  The neighbor, Timoteo..”the Iguana” Dorsey is an adventure in himself… will love him.  This is an upscale surf trip for those who want something better. 
Reggie Hopkins,  Tampa, Florida

Their home is beautiful, the food is to die for, the surf is incredible, the water is perfect, the vibe is tranquil and peaceful, there is everything you need right there and both my wife and I love it.  Corky taught my kids to surf and improved my skills in only a few days.  We plan on becoming regulars.
Larry Turnbull, Chino, Ca.

After one trip to Corky’s house I felt like part of the family.  After a dozen I know I am because if I misbehave he makes me sleep with the neighbors goat.  Raquel is wonderful and has the best hair in the world.  I keep a board there and try to make it at least two to four times a year.  You can get in more turns on one wave at that spot than you can in a whole month in Huntington Beach.  
Bruce Romano.  Huntington Beach, Ca.   

It was the best trip we ever had, anywhere.  It is sort of like if you were a golfer and got to spend a week at Arnold Palmers house.  What would you pay to hang with Arnie, play golf everyday with him and get pointers?  And on top of that have his wife cook for you every night and listen to stories about golf that would blow your mind.  This is like that for a surfer.  Corky is a very fun dude and his wife is not only beautiful but really a sweet person.  We became instant friends with both of them.  
Mark and Kathy Greenwall.  Norfolk, Virginia

“I want to die and come back as Corky.”
Bill Klector.  Tustin, Ca.

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