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Sea Kayaking
Explore the wild coastline in sea kayaks in search of secluded coves and white sand beaches. Banderas Bay is the largest and deepest natural bay in Mexico. It's a horseshoe-shaped bay with gentle, emerald waters. Measuring 20 miles across with over 40 miles of coastline and calm waters, Banderas Bay is a natural choice for some of the most beautiful kayaking in Mexico. Marine life is abundant out here, and some of the species we might encounter include multicolored tropical fish of all sizes, sea turtles, manta rays and even possibly Humpback whales.

Our experienced guides will provide you with thorough instruction, offering beginner to expert trips, some of which combine paddling with snorkeling. Our experienced guides will provide you with thorough instruction; however we recommend this trip for rowers at an intermediate level in good physical condition.

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